How to

Bypass the firewall to Access Blocked Websites By Url Filtering

Actually there are many ways to view Blocked websites one of the best way is by using  Anonymous proxies .But in this article i explain how to access blocked websites by URL filtering

Access Blocked Websites By Url Filtering
1. First find the IP address of the website you would like to access
For this example i will use ,You can find the IP address by going to CMD (command prompt) and typing  ping

IP address  of Google.Com =

.  Take notice that there are 4 different numbers each separated by a period.convert each number into an 8 digit binary value. You can do so by using the windows calculator, setting it to programmer, and then pressing the DEC option. Type in your number (209) then press the BIN option and it gives you the 8 digit binary value. Now write this value in a notepad and continue this process with the other 3 numbers.

Binary value of the above IP = 11010001   01010101  11100111 01101000

3. The next step is to convert the Binary value to 32bit -digit value. Use the calculator for this purpose

Example :-
Binary value = 11010001010101011110011101101000
Digit  value = 3512067944
4) Finally open a  web browser and enter Http:// (and 32bit -digit value ) in the address bar

Note :- If you find it difficult to calculate using a calculator .You can use csgnetwork to convert IP address to decimal numbers ,This hack has some limitations this wont work for websites running on virtual hosts