Monday, 14 November 2011

Hacking Router Login Password using Xhydra

We are going to hack a ADSL router password using Xhydra in Backtrack 4. Here my router is Beetel 450tc1 wifi ADSL2+ router.

> Requirement ::
One fully working pc ,Backtrack os, and some patience

> Process ::

Boot  Backtrack,
1. start Run command, type xhydra and press enter.
2. xhydra GUI opens, In the target tab, select
Single Target :
Protocol: http-get

3. In passwords tab, select
username: admin (because most of the routers have default username as admin)
In the passwords, select the password list option and browse to select your passwords file. In backtrack default passwords file is under the directory "/pentest/passwords/sshatter/" in the file name passwords. Here i have used my custom password file.

4. Leave the default values in the Tuning tab, move to specific tab and select
http/https url :

5. Now go to the start tab and click on start button, the password cracking begins and result is as follows.
Thus, the router password is hacked and we got access to the router management panel.

open the browser and type
put the password u got from xhydra and get adminstrative access to the router

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