Monday, 14 November 2011

Remotely Control Your Computer And Its Applications With Mobile Bluetooth

Ever wanted to control your PC via your cell phone using Bluetooth? Well,I’ve just found a really nice java app that can do for you. Not a full remote control,but quite good and fast. It’s Called MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control.

MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control is a Java based application that can easily let you remotely control your PC via your phone.

PC Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) .Download for (Windows , Linux and Other OS )
  • Mobile Witch Remote Control PC Client ( Direct link )
  • Bluetooth adapter or built in Bluetooth for computer..
  • Mobile Requirements

  • Bluetooth
  • Java supported Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Witch Remote Control app for your phone ( MWRemoteCtrl.jar )  , that one can be found in the installation directory of the PC Client. or simply download it from here.

How to use:

1 – After Installing. go to your applications and find it with the name remote and icon shown below.
2 – search for servers , connect

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