Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Want to become android hacker than wait and watch !!

whose who own Android gadgets will soon be able to break into networks and computers for real. That’s because Israeli security firm zImperium is about to launch an app that can search for vulnerable targets and infiltrate them, allowing users to eavesdrop or even “attack” the devices.
The app is called Anti, short for Android Network Toolkit. It was introduced by zImperium at last week’s Defcon hacking conference, and reportedly impressed several attendees for its ease of use and affordability. With Anti, a user can infiltrate Windows machines, devices running an unspecified older version of Android and yes, even iPhones.

Anti will offer a wi-fi-scanning tool for finding open networks and showing all potential target devices on those networks, as well as traceroute software that can reveal the IP addresses of faraway servers. When a target is identified, the app offers up a simple menu with commands like “Man-In-The-Middle” to eavesdrop on local devices, or even “Attack”; The app is designed to run exploits collected in platforms like Metasploit or ExploitDB, using vulnerabilities in out-of-date software to compromise targets. Anti will debut at the Android Market next week as a free app that can be upgraded for $10 (USD).(lator on I’ll  tell you how it can be updgraded)
The app raises the possibility of dangerous, stealthy attacks. A hacker could, for instance, walk into a coffee shop or a corporate office with his phone and start sussing out machines for data theft or malware infection. But Avraham says Zimperium will ask users in its terms of service to limit their hacking to “white hat” penetration testing.
I’m sure you’re wondering why Google would approve such an app. The answer lies in zImperium’s trade – security. The idea is to use Anti to detect weaknesses in a network or machine so that they can be patched or fixed. But even zImperium knows that Anti can cause serious damage in the wrong hands. The company left a note in the app saying, “Please remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.”Right.

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