Friday, 6 January 2012

How Hack a Website by IIS Exploit

This information is only for education purpose and knowledge only .
There is no responsibility of Gtuhacker for any cyber crime.

Many new hacker said me that i makes a simple thread on Website Hacking because i think without site hacking it is never possible come a fun in Hacking,so i am present in front of you with this thread which helpful for you.

First about what is IIS Exploit and how i am hack a website by this help?

IIS (Internet Information Service) is a Microsoft Service like Apache Server which provide you his service on server handling.

A hacker has posted code on his Milw0rm website[Currently not working] that could be used to attack a system running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server and install unauthorized software on it. The good news is that the attack appears to work only on older versions of IIS—versions 7.x are not affected. The flaw resides in the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software used by IIS to transfer large files, meaning that FTP must be enabled for an attack to be succesful. The risk posed by this vulnerability isn't completely clear yet, but Microsoft says it is looking into the issue.

In short IIS Exploit helpful for you to upload your Deface page on website server without any ID and Password authentication requirement.

So why i am waiting Let's go.

 In First step go to your MyComputer Home page and click right side button of mouse on Window you see some option View by,sort by,group by with a option " Add a network location " click on the Add a network Location you see a new window like given below...

Click on the Next Button,when you click on next then a new window open like below again click on Next button...

After all above work you see a new window where it ask to Specify the location of your website,Here enter the name of IIS Exploit website which you want to hack,but always remember when you enter a site name then always write http:// before the,you see a picture given below...

After enter your website(Which vulnerable for IIS) name you click on Next button and in last Click on Finish button with tick the option Option this network location when i click finish, Here you see a window like given below...

Here you copy paste your name HTML file which you want upload on the site

If you don't make a HTML file for upload please make it.You also take help of site for make HTML file or Google it .

After copy paste,Double Click on the paste HTML file then you see your browser open where your make HTML page uploaded with name of site,in my case this like...


Where is website name and HrDe.html my uploaded file name.

After it,please change your URL Address from above link to

Then you see Browser page like given below page...

Congrats! man you hack a IIS Exploit Site.

I think you like it,this thread take 4 hour for write but you only spend 1 minute for a good thank.

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