Saturday, 7 January 2012

How to change Windows Xp Home to Professional Without any Re-installation

Here i am going tell you basic registry hack by which use you change your Windows Xp Home Edition to Windows Xp Professional Edition.It is very simple and it do not require any Re-Installation by Windows OS CD.
but before starting that please take backup of your registry  
Here i am show you a picture of my Windows Xp Home where you clear fully see in the System Properties it show Home Edition... 

In first step,you go to Start menu than 'Run' and write regedit and press ok. 
A new window open where you see a tree in left side of window,here you follow path which write below..


Remember here "ControlSet00X" be the Highest Numbered out of more than one.

delete key on right panel it which name is "ProductSuite"

And make a New DWORD key by right clicking on window and given name "brand" see below picture...

Given the value of the new DWORD Key is 0.

After complete above work,now restart your system,when your system start boot before come of Xp Screen,press F8 which show you XP's boot menu. then select "last known good..." option and enter 
will boot the windows 
now check your system properties bingo you will get it like windows xp professional

Another local hack you can do it by playing with registry just try it and do it but with precaution (means with backup )

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